Top 4 Mistakes New Sellers Make Without Amazon Management Services

So you’re planning on setting up a seller account to begin your eCommerce journey on Amazon. Congratulations! Amazon is the largest online marketplace, so this opportunity could lead you to a bright future.

In 2019, Amazon produced 354 billion US Dollars annually from eCommerce sales. Today, Amazon continues to dominate the eCommerce business, with projected sales for 2021 to be over 460 billion US Dollars.

But selling on Amazon is not as simple as listing a product and waiting for the magic to happen. The grind is tough, and selling on this marketplace is a competitive game. You need to work hard for your products to be seen, heard, and sold. Unfortunately, not everyone can become e-commerce savvy overnight. Like any other business, you need to learn, test, and seek help in different areas to grow. Consider Amazon management services to fuel your potential on Amazon and avoid making these common mistakes selling on Amazon.

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1. Not Knowing The Right Business Model

Your business model and strategies should be specific to the products you are planning to sell. If you have yet to figure out an attractive product to market, here is a quick guide on what to sell on Amazon FBA.

To successfully promote a product, conducting thorough research and having a selling strategy is a must. It helps you get a general idea of your products and how well they will sell in the market. However, building out your strategy on how to tackle the marketplace is a task in itself. It requires analyzing what you will sell, understanding competing companies, your goals, how much you need to spend, and more.

Once you’ve finally completed your research and built out your plans, it’s now time to action it. Having an expert guide you through this process is highly beneficial. Amazon managed services like Seller Interactive is beyond helpful in this area. They assist your business journey even from the beginning stages of making a business model.

2. Not Caring About SEO-contents Related to their Products

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing traffic using keywords that help customers find your product or service. Contrary to the widespread practice of putting the showiest words in your content, SEO content purposely includes terms favoring the Amazon algorithm.

Professional writers develop SEO content to ensure the brand is well represented through quality articles that help bring in readers and potential buyers. The optimization process is used on Amazon to gain visibility on products and brands.

It can become overwhelming to research the trends, keep up with the ranking, and modify your listings to adhere to SEO practices. Fortunately, Amazon managed services help alleviate the tedious tasks in monitoring which keywords gain traction.

3. Ignoring Ranks

People will seldom search through the second page of a Google search unless they have to. Instead, they often find what they’re looking for within the first few results. The same goes for Amazon listings and how people shop on this marketplace. An algorithm ranks the products and brands on the first page based on several different factors.

It takes a lot of work to pull up your brand’s ranking. A common mistake is to assume that your listing will land the first page down the road with little or no effort. Ranking requires being diligent with monitoring and research. Knowing how SEO works and putting it into practice is essential to bring up your numbers, so if you ignore ranking power on Amazon, your sales might stagnate, leading you to eventually pull out your stocks and give up on your seller account.

Carrying all these responsibilities alone can be exhausting and time-consuming. Avoid this by hiring an amazon managed services partner. They help optimize content, product photos and even suggest new strategies to help your business.

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4. Not Using The Full Potential Of Amazon Management Services

Not giving Amazon managed services a try is something a lot of failed sellers wish they tried. Consider Seller Interactive and think of them as partners with your best interest at heart. Their main goal is to assist you on your Amazon journey.

Vilrox Digital offers several services that will help you get started on Amazon. You can ensure we’ve got you covered, from search engine optimization, product listing management, brand registry protection, Amazon FBA returns management service, and more.

For an in-depth look at all the services available, read more here.

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