4 Things to Consider When Finding the Best Amazon Appeal Service

Finding a dependable Amazon suspension appeal service is not an easy task. The options are overwhelming, and it can get incredibly tedious when you have to vet who’s qualified or how much it costs. Amazon suspensions can become tricky situations, so keep in mind as you’re looking for Amazon account services to select the best you can within your budget.

Due to time constraints and the situation’s urgency, limiting the amount of risk, trial and error is suggested. Read up on how you can find an Amazon appeal service that’s reliable who will get the job done.

1. Cost and service inclusions

If you sell on Amazon, you should know that one of the main things to avoid is getting your account suspended. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your accounts or listings could get suspended, no matter how compliant you are with their policies.

One crucial factor to take into consideration is cost and service inclusions. Try not to get too shaken up when you see the services cost because Amazon seller account reinstatement charges vary. Hiring an expert is a small fee for some sellers to sell confidently and comfortably on the Amazon platform.

If you decide to hire an Amazon seller appeal service, ensure that they will be able to resolve your specific situation ahead of time. Here are several different types of instances that will require Amazon appeal service:

  • Account creation failure
  • Poor seller performance
  • Violation of Amazon policies
  • IP complaints resolution
  • Brand protection
  • Recovery of damages

2. Know the people you’ll work with

You’ll know that you’ve hired a quality appeal service when they not only show you how to appeal on Amazon but are also able to walk you through and explain the process. Even with third-party Amazon account appeal services, a thorough analysis of what had happened and how to avoid it will show you how reliable and resourceful they are.

Keep in mind that when searching for a reliable service, the years of experience do not always equate to reinstate. So when going through a vetting process, be sure to ask lots of questions like the number of successful clients helped reinstate accounts for or what methods they use to ensure a positive outcome. Don’t be afraid of working with newer Amazon agencies! Amazon and e-commerce, in general, are continuously evolving. Newer agencies can offer perspectives or strategies relevant to today’s digital world and align with Amazon’s policies putting your brand at an advantage.

3. Avoid exaggerated promises

If you’ve recently gotten your Amazon seller account suspended, you’re probably pretty frantic trying to get it back. However, when looking for an Amazon appeal service, don’t be lured into promises that these agencies can guarantee your account’s reinstatements at the click of a button. While these claims are enticing, consider agencies that don’t use your panic as an opportunity for a new client and instead are cooperative, transparent, and collaborative.

Remember, an agency might know all the steps to conduct an Amazon appeal, but they cannot guarantee its approval. After all, it’s still up to Amazon whether it goes through or not.

Find a service that can guarantee they’ll do everything in their power to get your account reinstated instead of someone quick to make statements that can’t back up.

4. Consider customer reviews

Reading customer reviews is a great way to vet different agencies and could be one of the most telling factors to help your decision. Even when presented with the best price and promises, it’ll be hard to hold up against an account with various negative reviews.

To best determine how an agency handles its clients, reviews are a great way to find out. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for inauthentic or biased reviews. In some cases, people manipulate review ratings by falsifying information about their services.

Try Google My Business Page, social media, and forums to understand better who you could be working with. The more reviews you read about how they conduct their services, the more information you have to make a sound decision.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a shock to get a notification that Amazon is suspending your account. It can be disheartening but remember it happens more often than you think to even experienced Amazon sellers! So get prepared and prioritize finding a reputable Amazon appeal service that can help you handle these cases even before it happens.

At Seller Interactive, we have a team of appeal experts who have extensive knowledge and experience handling suspended accounts. We understand how nerve-wracking it is to deal with an account suspension, and since we’ve already worked with hundreds of sellers, we know how we can help make your appeal go smoothly.

Want to start improving your Amazon seller account today? Send us a message at info@vilroxdigital.com, and let’s talk about making this happen!

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