How to Optimize Your Listing Without Spending Ad Dollars

Have you ever had that feeling that something is “missing” in your Amazon business?

Especially if your sales are lackluster and Amazon Advertising options have left you afraid of getting struck by unforgiving Lightning (Deals), you may be wondering where to turn!

Maybe you’ve tried all of the low-hanging fruit options we recommend in our FREE Amazon Action Plan eBook (link here).

Or maybe advertising is going just fine, but you know you’re missing “it”. Good news, your intuition is right, and there is one thing you can do to change everything.

Your listings. They hold the key to your success.

And you can don’t have to be one of a few select Amazon specialists or Amazon experts to optimize them. Whether you are a seller or a vendor, you can benefit.

This post is specifically geared toward sellers who want to take control of the quality of their listings! As a seller, here’s exactly how to optimize your listings FOR FREE.


Amazon has a plethora of guidelines about image size and what is and isn’t allowed. Go beyond that by getting creative within the constraints.

For instance, while the main image must have a plain white background, you can create a streamlined look by doing so will all images, which is recommended. Many Amazon listing management services will tell you this but they leave out the most important step:

Start with the pictures that best highlight the productNot the prettiest lifestyle picture. This is a common mistake. If you confuse your potential customers, you lose them.

Chuao Chocolatier is a great example of how to combine stunning images that also highlight the product. Here’s their main image for a mini chocolate bar gift set:

Optimize Your Listing Without Spending Ad Dollars

From the box to the packaging of the bars inside, doesn’t this look like a fun gift to give and receive? And you know exactly what it looks like! Here’s their next supporting image:

Optimize Your Listing Without Spending Ad Dollars

Chuao has beautiful, image-driven packaging, so this shot works. If your packaging leaves a bit to be desired, you can find other ways to showcase the product, don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you find yourself stumped, we recommend you step away from the listing for a while and look at it again with a pair of fresh eyes.

Pretend you know NOTHING about the product. Do you know exactly what you’re looking at? The answer may surprise you!


Now that you’ve got your images down, let’s answer a common question: how long should each bullet point be?

If you’re asking colleagues or friends, you already know the answers are varied. Some tell you two lines, some three. Some of them keyword stuff, others wouldn’t be caught dead doing so.

Even Amazon management companies and other outsourced Amazon management options can leave you confused about the next best steps for your brand.

Sometimes they advise you to do a complete overhaul on the very DNA you’ve created for your brand! We’re not going to outright advise you to change your current branding, simply be willing to do the following exercise for your listings.

Look at your bullet points: is each bullet point highlighting a brand new aspect or feature in a compelling way? A play on words is not compelling (though it’s fun). The story is where the emotion-based purchases come from. Can you see yourself happier with your life or solving a problem with each bullet point?

A great example of solving the problem while appealing to emotions is an organic bone broth, sold by PRIMALVORE.Optimize Your Listing Without Spending Ad Dollars

Notice the emphasis on emotional words and phrases, including “gently”, “as your pet ages”, “sensitive stomachs”, “proudly human grade”, “nourishing kibble topper”. A skimmer is going to understand that their dog is being served truly nutritious food from a company that cares. The description is just as comforting and its messaging will be included in the next section.

Answer these questions honestly and adjust accordingly. Remember, Amazon is THE EVERYTHING STORE, so what makes this thing transformative to the buyer’s life, a ‘must have’ in their life (and cart)? Food for thought, straight from an Amazon management service.

Extra credit: Complete your Branding Checklist, as highlighted in our new eBook, “Your Amazon Action Plan: Developing Your Strategy and Roadmap”. Download it for FREE HERE (link here)”.


This is the third time we’ve used ‘compelling’, well, now it’s the fourth. That’s because it encapsulates everything your listing should be. This requires bigger-picture thinking.

Where are customers more likely to access your listing (online vs. mobile device) and which search terms are they using?

While statistics vary, we’ve consistently found up to 50% of sales are made on mobile devices! On mobile devices, only the first 200 characters show up on the description. Customers can click to reveal the rest, but you must make them want to. And quickly.

Get to the point while still keeping emotionally-driven words like the PRIMALVORE listing mentioned above. Here’s their product description:

Optimize Your Listing Without Spending Ad Dollars

Using phrases like, “delicious as it is nutritious”,” “three simple ingredients”, “can tame sensitive stomachs” and “shine from the inside out”, the product description is concise about what’s inside while showing customers their dedication to optimal nutrition for pets!

But in order to read it, they have to find you first, which is where Amazon SEO comes in. While many Amazon account management services offer this, you can get a great start on your own!

As we talked about in this blog post, think outside the box with search terms. We used the yoga mat as an example. When researching keywords, consider alternatives, like the keyword “fitness mat” which is searched over a million times per month!

Then there’s EBC (also known as the A+ tool)! Be sure that you’ve successfully completed Amazon Brand Registry first.

Once you have, check out the Enhanced Brand Content details and you’ll see a whole new world of enhanced images and text placements waiting for you as you take your Amazon seller management efforts to the next level!


If you feel like you’ve been given information overload, you are right! Amazon success is built on an intricate foundation that requires every piece to be in place in order to run optimally!

Ready to demystify the process?

Schedule a free consultation session here so we can get to the bottom of what’s costing you the success you deserve! Our professional Amazon seller account management team is ready to see you crush your sales goals.

Let’s reach your full potential on Amazon together.

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